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Published 18th March 2020 -Updated *23rd March 2020 Updated **16th April 2020                      ***updated 11th may 2020

The safety and wellbeing of our guests and team are our absolute priority and in light of the recent COVID19 outbreak, we expect that the UK Government may restrict the use of UK holiday accommodation in the coming days

***On the 11th May 2020 the UK government released further information about how the current lockdown will start to be lifted but the information released is not clear and has not mentioned anything about the tourist and holiday industry. We have now based on advise extended our closure until   


Sunday 5th July 2020 

To help you, please see the below questions and answers

What service do you offer?

The service we offer is holiday accommodation hire within the UK only and on a self catering basis only. We do not offer, provide or sell access to local business, services or attractions within the agreed service that we provide to our customers and we are not responsible for the operational or trading activities of local business, services or attractions. We do not offer, provide or sell insurance services within our business including holiday travel insurance

What information are you provided about Covid19/Coronavirus? 

We only work on information provided by the offical sources of the UK Government, we do not act on information outside of information provided by the UK Government. We are not provided with any information greater than the information provided to the general public via the UK Government, which means the decisions we make are based on information available from the UK Government only. We also act upon and monitor the Consumer Rights Act, so that we can provide our customers the consumer rights they are entitled to relating to the service we provide as a business 

Will you still continue to trade?

Yes, we are still trading and will continue to do so, if you have any questions not covered here or wish to discuss your reservation, want to ask questions or talk through any concerns our guest relations team can be reached on 0330 330 9593. We are however working from home and if you do call us, during busy times you maybe transfered to our call back service to keep you from waiting and we will then call you back. Our current temp opening hours are 12pm till 6pm daily 

Is my current reservation safe? Updated ***11th May 2020

If your reservation is due to commence on or after the 5th July 2020 then your reservation is still active at the moment and provided the lockdown is lifted and the sites can open then we can still offer you the same hire property at the same price from the 5th July 2020 onwards 

What if my reservation is before 5th July 2020? Updated***11th May 2020

For reservations up to the 4th July 2020 all customers will be contacted over the coming days and no later than 25th May 2020 to inform them how to cancel their reservation and obtain a refund. Contact will be via a automated text with further instructions. Please note if you have already cancelled your reservation through your choice or none payment than you will not be contcated because your reservation will be inactive

What are my rights under the Consumer Rights Act?

Consumer Rights states that you are entitled to a refund in the event that we cannot offer you the service that we agreed to provide you with. The service we offer and agree to provide is self catering holiday accommadtion hire within the UK. Please see the section above "what service do you offer" for more information about the service(s) we provide

In addition to the Consumer Rights Act that states a refund, it has been mentioned that companies can also offer customers the option if they wish to transfer reservations to a later date subject to availablilty on the same terms as the current reservation or on more favourable terms if available. From the 16th April 2020, we are no longer offering the option of transfers 

We try to be as transparent as we can and the last thing we want is for a customer to be unhappy or for matters to esculate that could be resolved and as such your consumer rights are very important to us and we do our best to make sure that we provide you with and obide with the rights you are entitled to and if you think we have not met your consumer rights, please do contact us on 0330 330 9593 so that we can look at the reasons why you feel that        we have not met your rights and if appliacable what we can do to rectify something if we have got it wrong

Can I cancel now?

You can cancel your reservation at anytime but the cancellation terms and conditions you agreed to will apply and no refunds will be issued to you in the event you cancel the reservation hire, this is regardless of reason for cancellation because it will be you opting to cancel the reservation at that stage. Please also see "will you cancel my reservation" for more info


Will you cancel my reservation if you are closed?


Yes, if we tell you that we will have to cancel your reservation in the event we  are closed and cannot provide you the service we agreed with you (holiday accommodation hire) due to the current lockdown or holiday park closures, then we will offer you a full refund at the point if we cancel your reservation.


Are you still taking my payment?

Your payment will still be payable as per the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of your reservation, which are shown on your hire agreement and reservation paperwork. In the event your payment is declined and or not made by you on the agreed due date or within 24 hours of the due date, then we will cancel your reservation on the basis of none payment from you and the cancellation terms and conditions you agreed to will apply to your reservation. In the event balances are not paid on their due date or are declined, we will keep your reservation open for period of 24 hours from the balance due date and we will try to contact you, however as mentioned above where payments are not made or declined the reservation will be cancelled and the terms and conditions relating to cancellations will apply to your reservation due to your none payment. To make payments please call 0330 330 9593 between 12pm till 6pm

All payments made to us are held in a credit account until such time the holiday hire service that we offer has been provided to you or in the event we have to cancel your reservation due to our closure then the payment will be refunded to you as mention above

Please note we do not offer credit notes or refunds by cheque, bank transfer or cash 

Can you issue a credit note for a later reservation?

Some companies have chosen to offer credit notes and money off vouchers for use at a later date to customers in exchange for not cancelling reservation, we have chosen not to do this because we do not feel it is within your consumer rights and as a business it is not something we feel suits our business

Please note we do not offer refunds by cheque, bank transfer or cash 

We do try to provide customers with discount vouchers for local business or attractions but for the purpose of clarification these types of vouchers are provided to our customer as good will and not in exchange for cancellations. We can only issue vouchers to customers subject to us being able to obtain them and we also do not benefit from vouchers that we issue/provide 

I have been told not to travel after the lockdown is lifted, what happens?

If you have been told not to travel after the lockdown has been lifted then we suggest that you call us asap to discuss this and what options are available

I need to claim on my holiday insurance, can you help me?

Yes, we can help you with this, please ask your insurance company to contact us on 0330 330 9593 and we will deal directly with them for you

I am a next of kin or person of authority for a person who has died and booked with you, what should i do?

Firstly we are sorry to hear of a death and we will do our upmost best to help you, we suggest that you call us on 0330 330 9593 so that we can discuss with you how to best assist you

Can I transfer my reservation at the moment?

We are not offering transfer to later dates at this time

Will prices go up at a later date?

Our prices are staying the same through out the lockdown and afterwards for the remainder of the 2020 season but we are expecting that some holiday hire providers will increase prices because demand for holidays will increase when the holiday parks re-open and the lockdown is lifted  

I have other questions what should i do?

Please call us on 0330 330 9593 and we will do our best to help you

We are constantly monitoring government advice and we will update this page accordingly, so please check back for updates. Should you call our guest relations team they can only refer to the information contained within this update, so to save you calling, please be assured this information is updated accordingly

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